Online Marketing Trends – What to Expect in 2014

Here at Rivers Agency, we’re constantly tracking the latest web trends and best practices. Why? Because our clients deserve the best. We’ve read up on what to expect for online marketing in 2014 – and if you haven’t been thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social and mobile, it’s time to rethink. Here’s why: SEO Will Get You Noticed Some speculate that SEO is a thi… Read more

Rivers Agency Collaborates with First Bank to Create Best-in-Class Website

First Bank came to Rivers Agency looking to break out of the mold of boring, inefficient banking websites. First Bank’s goal was to create an easy-to-navigate digital experience with a clean, crisp design. They also wanted their new website to be fully responsive, allowing customers to enjoy a consistent experience regardless of the device being used. Rivers Agency accomplished all of Fir… Read more

Rivers Agency Partners with Cree to Create Inviting, Sophisticated Consumer Website

With the introduction of the Cree® LED bulb earlier this year, the lighting industry changed forever. Consumers now have an affordable lighting option for their home or business that utilizes less energy and lasts for years. Cree LED bulbs look like a traditional incandescent light bulb, but they work better. Just three months ago, Cree came to Rivers Agency with a challenge: to create… Read more

Keeping Customers ‘Pinterested’

As the Internet becomes more and more visual, social media websites are focusing on sizable imagery to create a higher level of interest. We previously discussed marketing techniques with Instagram, but we haven’t yet focused on Pinterest. While both are image-heavy, the specific features of each site require two different approaches for planning marketing strategies and schedules. Creating a… Read more

Rebrand for the Future, Rebrand for Success

Is rebranding the next move for your company? Don’t let your brand get stuck in the ’90s. We’re well into 2013, and some companies, like Yahoo, haven’t changed their logo in 18 years. However, Yahoo plans to unveil their innovative new logo on September 4. Overall, a logo represents a company’s spirit better than the CEO or even the team behind the scenes. So as your company is evo… Read more

Rivers Agency Named to TBJ’s List of Triangle’s Largest Ad Firms

Triangle Business Journal placed us in the No. 5 spot on their list of the Triangle’s largest advertising firms. It’s a real honor to be acknowledged among the Triangle’s biggest and best agencies, and we appreciate the many accolades we’ve received from friends and colleagues (both near and far) and from all of our clients. In this case, size does matter. But for us, our success is… Read more

YOUtility, the Newest Marketing Mantra

The Marketing Guru Meet Jay Baer, the most well-known advertising and media expert and speaker in the marketing industry today. His blog. Convince & Convert, was ranked No. 1 in marketing blogs around the world and No. 3 in social media blogs by the Social Media Examiner. He has consulted with 29 of the Fortune 500 and has started five businesses. He co-authored the book The Now Revoluti… Read more

My Diabetes Connect

Rivers Agency Teams with My Diabetes Connect to Facilitate Diabetes Management My Diabetes Connect is an organization operating out of Birmingham, Ala., that provides diabetes patients with the resources they need to stay in good health once they’ve left the doctor’s office. The majority of diabetes care takes place outside of a medical facility, so the goal of My Diabetes Connect is to pro… Read more

5 Ways to Lessen the Twitter Load

Once you’ve jumped on the social network bandwagon, odds are you’re a little overwhelmed by the possibilities. The beauty – and the curse – of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes is the ability to reach millions of people with the touch of a button. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to stay consistently active and to constantly produce interesting material to share with your loyal… Read more

How To: Use Instagram to Your Advantage

The Hashtag The quickest way to reach the heart of Instagram is through the #hashtag. Your first step should be to create a hashtag for your company that you can use for future campaigns and that your followers can use to refer back to you. A little research can go a long way when it comes to the hashtag—staying informed is imperative to your Instagram success. Every now and then, visit Top Has… Read more